Client Preferred

 An excellent investment for any commercial gym, the WaterRower in either wood or all metal frame constructions is durable, resists scratching and does not corrode.

The WaterRower has been designed to fit in with a variety of environments, from homes to rowing clubs, to gyms and spa’s. The WaterRower has a large and ever increasing user base among people willing to spend their own money to have a WaterRower in their homes. This user preference for WaterRower’s allows commercial operations to tap into an existing base of dedicated users who prefer using the WaterRower for their training needs.

  1. User Comfort – using dual rail technology, a Patented WaterFlyWheel and a commercial strength nylon strap make the WaterRower comfortable and a pleasure to use and preferred over conventional mechanical rowing machines

  2. Most Complete Exercise- works 84% of muscles and burns up to 1,000 calories. Great all body work out for those wanting to lose weight through to those getting ready for their next race!

  3. Low Impact – the WaterRower provides a seated exercise, removing the body’s weight from the ankles, knees and hips. The non-impact nature of rowing, and the WaterRower, does not put any unnecessary stress on the joints

  4. For All users – the complete workout and low impact exercise nature of the WaterRower means it is suitable for all users regardless of age, gender or level of fitness

  5. No user knowledge necessary- unique self-regulating resistance requires no setting

  6. Minimal Intrusion- quieter than any other rower

  7. HiRise option- elevates the user position for ease of use

WaterRower... exceed your customer's expectations

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